Hi friends!

We are fresh off of show season, so now comes for some new fun projects to share with you all.

For starters, we will be updating our blog weekly so that you can keep up with everything that is happening in our studio and behind the scenes before the next trail of shows we will be doing. March is a super important time for us to get creative and to prepare new styles and designs for the jewelry line. It is during this time we are able to regroup, and spend countless hours listening to our favorite Pandora stations (we really like Adele, One Republic, & Coldplay), while sitting at our desks putting together and taking apart potential new designs until we’ve made them just right.

Our hunt for cool findings to use in our jewelry designs never stops, and now is the time of year when we really get enough hours in the day to play around with some of the product we have found in our travels. This is just about the only time we are thankful for our annual freak snowstorm in the middle of March to keep us bundled up inside and on a creative roll. Speaking of the weather, warmth is finally upon us (despite the inevitable snowstorm I’ve just mentioned)! This also means that the fun hunting for product part of the creative process is about to continue with regular trips to the flea market. Stay tuned, as I will eventually be recording, a morning in the world of our flea market finds.

For photos of some of the new styles we are putting together, be sure to check out our Instagram account @myfunkyfindings. We are always posting our new designs, as previews of what is to come during the latest show season.

That’s all for now, but check back next Wednesday for an update on what fun things we are getting into in the studio!

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