A Journey to Texas

It’s feeling good to be home after several days of travel. If you have been keeping up with us, you know that this past weekend we traveled to Texas to do some shopping at Antique Week to prepare for some upcoming shows. We came home with some fun finds, got to see some friends, and of course we ate fabulously.

During our first Texas antiquing trip we had some pretty exciting adventures, from seeing a dog ride on the back of a motorcycle wearing some big old school goggles, to driving past rows of cows lined up in fields; we knew we were not in New Jersey anymore! Everything about the environment was out of the ordinary to us, especially a 75 MPH speed limit! Needless to say, we had an overall quality experience.

photo 1


Where we shopped was huge! The grounds were so big you couldn’t even walk the whole market. Lucky for us we had several days to cover a decent amount of ground. There were so many different types of vendors and things to buy, like this photo of rows and rows of cowboy boots (our favorite).

photo 3



Thankfully, we went down prepared to come home with substantial purchases and we ended up filling almost all of the space in four suitcases. For only a four day trip we must have looked overzealous rolling out of our hotel with so many bags.

Now that we are home and unpacked, we are ready to put all of this new product to good use. We love new things for new projects. It brings some definite excitement back to the studio. Bring on the new creations!



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