Country Living Fair Rhinebeck

June 12th, 2014

With the beginning of June came yet another show for us, the Country Living Fair held in Rhinebeck New York. Lucky for us this is one of our closest shows just a mere three hours away from where we live and work. The show opened on June 6th and ran through the 8th with beautiful weather all three days. The show is held at the Rhinebeck fairgrounds with vendors all lined throughout different barns (definitely a very cool venue). There are live demonstrations, book signings, and delicious food vendors, along with great shopping. It is always inspiring to walk through and see the creative ways in which everyone decorates their booths!

Check out some of the pictures from our booth at the show :)










Next week we prepare to head back to Texas, this time to exhibit at the Dallas Temporary Show. If

you are there, come find us in the vintage cash and carry section!

On the Road Again

May 22nd, 2014

Hello All!

The last two weeks have been crazy busy getting back into the swing of showtime traveling. We began last week by venturing to Massachusetts to the Brimfield Flea Market. What an experience! It was a quick trip, but extremely productive. On Monday the 12th we began our journey. We stopped at our usual shopping places along the way which consisted of two barn sales (something we definitely aren’t accustomed to seeing in NJ), two antique malls, and a Vintage Textiles show. These stops alone were a lot to see before we even got to the flea market. Tuesday, however was our biggest shopping day as we hit the flea market from sunrise until late afternoon scavenging for goodies. It was a long day of shopping, but incredibly worth it. After all, the hunt is one of the most fun elements in creating new pieces for the jewelry line. There are always new things to be inspired by.







Upon arriving home from Brimfield we spent a full day organizing our finds and separating them into “To Do” piles, because then it was off to Virginia to show at Lucketts Market! Although we were very wary about the impending rain and horrible weather forecast we got so lucky with a beautiful weekend. Though the rain allowed for some unexpected changes in setup and parking for the fair, it was an overall success. We drove to Virginia through the storm, and by the time we had arrived it was clear blue skies, which was awesome, and made for a much easier setup. It was nice to see some vendor friends and familiar customer faces throughout the weekend.

100_1248 100_1250 100_1251 100_1255 100_1257 100_1258 100_1259


As for this week we have been back in production mode as we prepare for our next journey to Rhinebeck NY for the Country Living Fair in just two short weeks! We are crossing things off our “To Do” list left and right, and turning our piles of vintage gems into exciting new creations.

Stay Tuned!

Never Say Never

May 8th, 2014

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of new projects and creative flow!
You may never believe this, but we have entered the world of making earrings! And all this time we thought this would never happen. You can never say “never” I guess.

As we are in a time for major show preparation, we are always looking for new things to bring to the table. Since our show season kicks off with next week’s travels what better than to add something totally new into the mix? We have found a style that is both simple, and compliments our existing designs perfectly.



These one-of-a-kind earrings are now up on the website for retail purchase, and we are also running a limited special for our wholesale buyers.

Feel free to inquire about the special by e-mailing us at :)


Be sure to check back next week for pictures of our upcoming travels!

A Journey to Texas

April 4th, 2014

It’s feeling good to be home after several days of travel. If you have been keeping up with us, you know that this past weekend we traveled to Texas to do some shopping at Antique Week to prepare for some upcoming shows. We came home with some fun finds, got to see some friends, and of course we ate fabulously.

During our first Texas antiquing trip we had some pretty exciting adventures, from seeing a dog ride on the back of a motorcycle wearing some big old school goggles, to driving past rows of cows lined up in fields; we knew we were not in New Jersey anymore! Everything about the environment was out of the ordinary to us, especially a 75 MPH speed limit! Needless to say, we had an overall quality experience.

photo 1


Where we shopped was huge! The grounds were so big you couldn’t even walk the whole market. Lucky for us we had several days to cover a decent amount of ground. There were so many different types of vendors and things to buy, like this photo of rows and rows of cowboy boots (our favorite).

photo 3



Thankfully, we went down prepared to come home with substantial purchases and we ended up filling almost all of the space in four suitcases. For only a four day trip we must have looked overzealous rolling out of our hotel with so many bags.

Now that we are home and unpacked, we are ready to put all of this new product to good use. We love new things for new projects. It brings some definite excitement back to the studio. Bring on the new creations!



March 27th, 2014

Hello Friends,

Some exciting things are happening this week!  We have gotten some major organizing done in our shop space. We had the opportunity to move to a new space, so we spiced it up and switched some of our display for a fresh look.

photo (3)



Along with the update in our store space, we have added some new product to the website as well. We have posted a new section in our online shop, a Vintage section which features some unique vintage finds for sale. Also we have posted some of our latest necklace and bracelet designs, so you can see what we have been working on in these winter months. Stay tuned for some more updates on the website, as we will soon be adding a section of vintage jewelry that we have found in our travels.

On an extra exciting note, this weekend we are going to be heading to Texas to shop Antique Week at Round Top.  It is our first trip to this show and we are looking forward to all of the potential inspiring product we could possibly come home with. Not to mention, we are looking forward to some nice warm Texas weather and getting out of our very cold New Jersey spring!

Cowboy boots and sundresses here we come!

Check back next week to read about our travels this weekend. Yee-Haw!

First Day of Spring

March 21st, 2014

Happy Spring!

Now that Joanna is back from a nice warm vacation in the Caribbean we are on a roll with fun projects. It has been an exciting week so far from that inevitable March snowstorm I predicted last week to a photo-shoot at the house today. The sun is shining and the weather is finally above 50 degrees and we are feeling inspired for spring and the promise of warm weather ahead.

Feeling the vacation withdrawal already!

photo 1

We have had some extra hands in the work room to help tag, package, and organize product to be divided for the different types of shows that we do. Spring cleaning, organization and preparation are in full effect.

Today, on the first day of spring we returned to one of our favorite flea markets after having not been since Thanksgiving! We came home with some great product and some delicious baked goods as well, including some butter cake, chocolate treats, and gummy spearmint leaves, which at the pace we are eating will not have us ready for swimsuit season! At any rate, it’s been a long winter and it was great to get back outside and see all our old friends at the market.

As mentioned, our friend Rikki Snyder also came by the house today to take some photos to be featured on Houzz a great website which features inspiration for endless types and styles of homes. There are thousands of pictures on the website from a variety of rooms ranging from full bedrooms to offices to small details of a room. It allows you to create your own sort of vision board for when you are planning to design and work on your own home.

Here’s Rikki hard at work!

photo 2

That just about wraps up the excitement for now. Until next week!


March 12th, 2014

Hi friends!

We are fresh off of show season, so now comes for some new fun projects to share with you all.

For starters, we will be updating our blog weekly so that you can keep up with everything that is happening in our studio and behind the scenes before the next trail of shows we will be doing. March is a super important time for us to get creative and to prepare new styles and designs for the jewelry line. It is during this time we are able to regroup, and spend countless hours listening to our favorite Pandora stations (we really like Adele, One Republic, & Coldplay), while sitting at our desks putting together and taking apart potential new designs until we’ve made them just right.

Our hunt for cool findings to use in our jewelry designs never stops, and now is the time of year when we really get enough hours in the day to play around with some of the product we have found in our travels. This is just about the only time we are thankful for our annual freak snowstorm in the middle of March to keep us bundled up inside and on a creative roll. Speaking of the weather, warmth is finally upon us (despite the inevitable snowstorm I’ve just mentioned)! This also means that the fun hunting for product part of the creative process is about to continue with regular trips to the flea market. Stay tuned, as I will eventually be recording, a morning in the world of our flea market finds.

For photos of some of the new styles we are putting together, be sure to check out our Instagram account @myfunkyfindings. We are always posting our new designs, as previews of what is to come during the latest show season.

That’s all for now, but check back next Wednesday for an update on what fun things we are getting into in the studio!

Hello Friends!

January 6th, 2012

Welcome to Findings. Stay tuned!